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based in milwaukee, I'm a typical Wisconsin kid raised

in the 80s. I love my family, I have a strong work ethic

and I credit most of my values and inspirations to

Jim Henson, the USA Cartoon Express and of course

the realization that "Knowing," is indeed,

"Half the Battle."

I received my BFA from the Peck School of the Arts

at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

It was here that I found painting to be my medium

of choice, at first oil on canvas, but now primarily

acrylic on wood.

Sometimes I find my surfaces in resale shops and

sometimes on the curb. Discarded doors and drawers

become the settings to my stories and live on to inspire

a few more of their own...

And to be honest, it’s an affordable way for me to keep making artwork that happens to

prevent a few things from being thrown away.

If my art was a section of a video store, I'd like to think it would be "Staff Picks," ... that is... if video stores still existed. The work is meant for the public, from those with experience within the art world to those with none. The introduction and accessibility of art in our everyday lives is the overall goal when I create recognizable, illustrative imagery inspired by the pop culture that raised me and use it to narrate the dynamic and unlikely relationships that we all encounter throughout our lives.

local to international, my work has been exhibited in a variety of galleries, venues and publicationsIt showcases themes of an individual raised on Saturday Morning Cartoons,

inspired by the day to day and grounded in traditional painting and printmaking techniques.

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