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The Bank Doesn't Care if Your House is Haunted:

A Ghostly Storybook

Based on the BrainWars blog's ghost stories

9" x 6" - 123 pages


Each handmade book contains multiple color illustrations and photographs, and is printed and bound with a printed card-stock cover.



When Hillarie Higgins and her husband unknowingly find their first home is haunted, it sets off a chain of life-altering and tragic events which can only be managed using perspective, resilience and a deliciously dark sense of humor. The Bank Doesn't Care if Your House Is Haunted is a spooky, irreverent and touching storybook which, along with multiple illustrations and photos, demonstrates how it doesn't matter what personal devastation or paranormal activity you're actively trying to survive in your life as, at the end of the month, you're still expected to pay your mortgage.


Materials: ink, paper, cardstock, glue

The Bank Doesn't Care if Your House is Haunted; A Ghostly Storybook

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